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“We are a dedicated group of volunteers passionate by our culture and traditions and by the love of our country and our community .” 


Boston Portuguese Festival Commitee


The Boston Portuguese Festival aims at contributing to the dissemination of the Portuguese culture and heritage in the capital city of Massachusetts, combining its contributions of the past with its contemporary manifestations.


The purpose of the BPF is to provide a framework where all interested parties may unite and channel their efforts in promoting Portugal and its culture, not only to the Portuguese-American public but also to the American community at large. 

Our annual program brings to the Greater Boston area a showcase of the most expressive components of Portuguese culture and present-day reality, namely in the fields of Literature, Music, Cinema, History & Current Affairs, Science & Technology and Heritage


  • To promote the Portuguese culture, heritage, and contemporary reality

  • To highlight the privileged relations of Portugal with other countries in the world, in particular with those of Portuguese language.

  • To promote Portugal's tourist potential and those of its regions, their products, and services.

  • To support cultural initiatives and to provide cooperation between individuals, groups, non-profit and private organizations in the USA or in Portugal, whose aim is in promoting the Portuguese heritage and culture in the State of Massachusetts.



The Festivals logo is based on an original work by Taunton (Massachusetts) based Portuguese graphic designer Paula Velho Cabral. It draws its inspiration from the early representations of the globe  such as the one gracing the national coat of arms  with which Portuguese history is so intimately acquainted

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